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Details that Matter

Community feedback, ongoing open dialogue with public officials and agencies, follow-up with clients and their third-party payers, and diligence among the LifeLine team, help us to be our best. Customers who contact LifeLine speak directly with our staff in their community. These staff members are trained to assist patients and families with their concerns. We understand the geography, the locations, facilities and others who are involved in the continuum of care, so we can assist and council on the best way to complete the paperwork. Customers also can visit our offices conveniently located in their community for billing questions and other services.

A Record of Success

Committed to continuous improvement, LifeLine remains a leader in fast response to emergency calls. With an average response time of 5 minutes 14 seconds, LifeLine betters the industry standard of, 8 minutes 30 seconds, by over 3 minutes. Lifeline met or exceeded its contract requirements and achieved an impressive 97.64% on-time rate in 2002, and with ongoing system refinements brought the rate to an amazing 98.26% in 2003.

Extensive Training, Lifelong Learning

LifeLine paramedics and EMTs undergo intensive and in-depth training in all clinical requirements such as advanced cardiac life support, pathophysiology, pharmacology and advanced life support trauma care, among others, to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. To ensure better preparedness and a team approach in an emergency, LifeLine also provides EMT and continuing training for Ventura County Fire Department personnel. LifeLine is committed to educating our staff in the latest emergency medical techniques and technology. Our philosophy of lifelong learning is fundamental to our professionalism and commitment to continuous improvement. We aim to continually seek out medical advances and training to improve medical services for the community.




"It's a great place to work. I value every day that I can learn more to provide better care for my patients."

-Current Employee